Executive Coaching

We focus on leadership and talents development. We enable individuals to reach their highest potential. Through self-awareness and developing a vision of their purpose, people can develop inspirational leadership and authority creating dynamic environments around them. We focus on: gaining clarity, energy level, emotional intelligence, confidence in communicating, time management...

 Team Coaching

We focus on managing diversity and performance inside the team. We identify the motivations and drivers of individual team members, create interactions, synergy and inject creativity to federate around the same purpose and vision.

Our aim is to create a team energy that can be shared and be beneficial to each team member.


 Organisations Coaching

We focus on letting emerge the internal culture and objectives of the whole organization.

We set up ad-hoc tools to foster diverse talents development. We help you explore and define your DNA, mission, vision, values & objectives, never forgetting "how do we get there" and "how are we going to get everybody on board". 


 Creatives & Dancers Coaching

We constantly study and explore the richness but also the challenges Creative profiles face in a business environment. We help harmonize those interactions so that they are fructuous for all the involved parties.

We work closely with 'creative minds' and 'business minds' to ensure effectiveness in all their actions.


Additionally, we help and support dancers in their professional evolution to prepare and manage the retirement (total or partial) from performing.


 Leadership Workshops

We make transformational leadership blossom. Through a deep dive on what is the essence of leadership, case studies and inspiring readings/lectures we make you understand and develop your highest potential as leaders. We foster the awareness of your "natural" leadership style and authority, understanding the difference between managing and leading.

 Diversity Workshops

We explore the meanings of a culture of inclusion. We ensure that participants embrace diversity fully by understanding how to deal, recruit, train and promote people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We explore factors such as gender identity, age, education, national origin, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and disability. We accompany you in monitoring the effectiveness of your Diversity Policy.

Special projects

Some of our current projects include neuro-linguistic programming (N.L.P), visualistic techniques, non-violent communication, transactional analysis, Process Com, art theraphy...


Achieve a successful career transition: networking tools, interview skills, CV writing, refocussing on your priorities, understand your leadership style...



They trust us: executives, creatives, olympic sportsman/women, dancers, artists, intellectuals, politicians.... 


Some of our internal missions include topics such as: 



how to deal with "boundary spanning"?


how to lead without suppressing creativity?


how to allow all diverse talents to blossom?


what practices in which culture?


what are a group stages and dynamics?


how is the coaching market structured?

how to optimize the links between body and mind?


We are interested in the links between individuals and the systems they evolve in.

NEWS & more...

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What is the HSL Community

Hic Sunt Leones is the sign that Romans used to put at the end of their conquered lands to denote unknown territories. The sign was a warning to travelers to signify that beyond that point they would have encountered a land suited only to lions, a land of difficulties and challenges. The HSL COMMUNITY is a group of committed and experienced professionals that can help you decode and understand the complex dynamics of today's markets, brands and organizations. HSL goes where others have traditionally feared to tread. And we have been doing so for longer than just about any other research firm. We have long-standing experience and relationships in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, because this is where our clients need us to be. In each case, we all work as a single, integrated team. Our goal is to accompany every client in new challenging territories and projects.

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