We are a team with a breadth of specialist experience. We all share the curiosity, tenacity and experience to answer your pivotal questions.


For each project we cast the right mix of skills, experience and professional approach.

Alessandra Violet Vianello founded PACTA. She specializes in the study of the evolution of individuals and organizations, aiming to understand individual actions on a societal and personal level.

She heads the HSL Community with a network of over 50 industry experts offering market research expertise, experiential branding, marketing advisory support and coaching mastery. The HSL Community has teams based in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

We never stop observing, learning and conceptualising.

Alessandra has been working for over 20 years as a leadership advisor with leaders, teams and organizations in different contexts and multicultural realities.

She has moderated more than 1.200 groups/workshops and interviewed thousands of individuals since her early career start in London in 1988 at the DDB Ominicom Group (BMP DDB).

Some of the questions we ask, people we meet, areas we explore...

With over 1500 hours of executive coaching, Alessandra holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential in Organisational Relationship and Systems Coaching from the International Coach Federation. She is a Master Practioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming and an active member of the Gender Mix Commission of ICF France and lectures frequently on LEADERSHIP IN CREATIVE ENVIRONMENTS , INCLUSIVE DIVERSITY STRATEGIES, CROSS GENERATIONS STEREOTYPES & BEHAVIORS, GENDER MIX ISSUES, NEGOTIATING EFFECTIVELY ACROSS CULTURES... at many top Organisations and Universities.

Alessandra graduated (Laurea) in Modern Literature and Sociology from the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice after completing a degree in Communication and Modern Cultures at the Sorbonne. She also holds a degree in Gemology from ING of Paris and belongs to a Corp de Ballet.

Alessandra acts also as a DIVERSITY & SOCIOLOGICAL STRATEGY ADVISOR for several companies and coaches around Europe.

She also mentors entrepreneurs around the world.

Alessandra moderates and coaches in French, English and Italian, and pilots interventions in multicultural teams (Europe, USA, Asia, South America, ...).


We are interested in the links between individuals and the systems they evolve in.

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What is the HSL Community

Hic Sunt Leones is the sign that Romans used to put at the end of their conquered lands to denote unknown territories. The sign was a warning to travelers to signify that beyond that point they would have encountered a land suited only to lions, a land of difficulties and challenges. The HSL COMMUNITY is a group of committed and experienced professionals that can help you decode and understand the complex dynamics of today's markets, brands and organizations. HSL goes where others have traditionally feared to tread. And we have been doing so for longer than just about any other research firm. We have long-standing experience and relationships in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, because this is where our clients need us to be. In each case, we all work as a single, integrated team. Our goal is to accompany every client in new challenging territories and projects.

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