International Urban Insights

Thanks to our extended international presence and our HSL community, we search the connections between macro behaviour trends and your organisation/brand dynamics. Our role is to enlarge your vision to create new opportunities. Using semiotics, cultural theory and social anthropology, we analyse what’s happening now and what will be happening next. Our recommendations are actionable and inspiring.

Cultural Experts Interviews

Reaching into our priviledged network of experts at the forefront of different cultural areas who are actually shaping the future, our goal is to uncover underlying tensions that your organisation/brand can help resolve. 

From retailing, arts, social media, entrepreneurs, new economies gurus, gender experts...we can find the most relevant insights according to your needs and specific questions.

Rituals & Identity markers

We assist image brands in creating and setting guidelines in the rituals that constitute their own and unique client experience. Wherever in the world, a brand should speak with the same voice, deliver the same unique and totally owned experience in all it does, enriched of course with local savoir faire and specificities. Consistency of meaning and rituals are the master words.

Behavioral Engagement Observations

The consumer experience is key. We explore today's demanding engaging, buying and fidelity behaviours by following all the steps of engagement on and off-line. We decode the tortuous path of information gathering, final choice and then purchase/repurchase. Our goal is to help you define your strategy in a omni-channel world and define clearly the "consumer experience" you wish to create on and off-line.

Psychogenic Interviews

Through a specific set of questioning and observation techniques, we shine a light on the conscious and unconscious motivations that influence behaviours and reveal tensions that can be relevant to your internal/market dynamics. Understand how each person roots, education and ethnic identity affect one's behaviour is key to identify the stronger emotional connections that can take place in your market, inside your organisation or when interacting with your brand.

Gender & Diversity Investigations

Sex/gender is the first form of divrsity that we all carry from birth. Yet culture, education, religion, character and personal ambitions complexify the relations we have with what is masculine and what is feminine. Cultures, countries and even brands carry today feminine and/or masculine values and energy. Our goal is to suggest a reading of today's gender and diversity issues to accompany an internal Diversity Policy that is meaningful and visionary.

Special projects...

We specialize in understanding high demographics HNWI UHNWI profiles around the world.

We investigate the new Proteiform Girls Power in different environments and cultures.


Our international researches allow us to draw typologies of individuals that share the same feelings, habits, ambitions and appreciate a similar client experiences.

We believe in business practices that can be both ethical and exclusive.


Based in France, we operate in Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia (China, Japan, Philippines, South Korea...), Russia, Middle East...

Airlines & Transports, Luxury, Fashion and Apparel, Hospitality & Leisure, Healthcare, Fragrances & Beauty, FMCG, Retail & Distribution, TV & Media, Jewels & Watches, Political Organizations, Telecommunications, Insurance, Automotive …

We are interested in the links between individuals and the systems they evolve in.

NEWS & more...

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What is the HSL Community

Hic Sunt Leones is the sign that Romans used to put at the end of their conquered lands to denote unknown territories. The sign was a warning to travelers to signify that beyond that point they would have encountered a land suited only to lions, a land of difficulties and challenges. The HSL COMMUNITY is a group of committed and experienced professionals that can help you decode and understand the complex dynamics of today's markets, brands and organizations. HSL goes where others have traditionally feared to tread. And we have been doing so for longer than just about any other research firm. We have long-standing experience and relationships in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, because this is where our clients need us to be. In each case, we all work as a single, integrated team. Our goal is to accompany every client in new challenging territories and projects.

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