Qualitative Insights & Etnography

Focus groups, mini groups, interviews...We connect the dots between deep personal motivations, culture and brand dynamics. As insights hunters, our role is to inspire you to think about your brand opportunities in a fresh way. We focus on actionable marketing strategies that can help you move foward.

Brand Equity & Positioning

We combine and align internal brand ambitions with consumers perceptions. We bring to life each unique brand character to guide and inspire marketing decisions nationally and internationnaly. 

We’ve been creating meaning for the world’s leading brands for over 20 years.


Brand Books

We help you to make sure your brand equity is correctly expressed and delivered. Brand Books make brand positioning visually actionable by illustrating your brand personality with key words and images. We don’t just define what your brand equity is, we also bring to life its unique character to guide and inspire strategic, commercial, marketing and communication decisions internally and externally.

Internal Vision & Image Alignement 

Your employees are also your brand ambassadors. Your brand image must federate, involve, and attract consumers but also your employees.Through internal interviews we identify the triggers of involvement and explore your employees expectations for your brand. This initiate a participative process contributing to building a sense of belonging to help foster a shared brand image embraced internally and externally.

DNA Operational Workshops

Our workshops with carefully selected team members help formalise the energy and momentum around your brand. The sessions help to align your company and team behind your project and ambition.

We inject, synergise and orchestrate ideas with your operational requirements to deliver a concise report that crystalise the PACT between you, your team and your brand.

Special Projects

Brand Concepts Formalisation & Test, NPD Concept Formalisation & Test, Brand Portfolio Synergy Test, Communication Assesments, Creativity & Innovation Seminars....

Our HSL Community includes moderators from different countries, culture and languages. We all strive to highlight the big picture without losing the local details that make it real and relevant to each market.


All our moderators speak at least 2 languages and evolve in multicultural environments.





Fashion, Hospitality, Luxury & Apparel
Playtex, Levi's, Baccarat, Guerlain, A.Lange & Söhne, Carolina Herrera, Armani, ST Dupond, Vertu, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Chanel, Anne Fontaine, Rolex, Jean Paul Gaultier....

L’Oréal, Reckitt Benkiser, Johnson&Johnson...

Food and beverage
Rémy Cointreau, Heinz, Danone...

Groupe Auchan, Groupe Casino, Monoprix...

Media & new technologies
M6 TV Channel, Canal+ TV Channel, Tiscali....

Manpower, Air France, Club Med...

Generali, Allianz....

Rover, Opel, Wolkswagen, Toyota, Ford.....


Based in France, we operate in Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia (China, Japan, Philippines...), Russia, Middle East...

We are interested in the links between individuals and the systems they evolve in.

NEWS & more...

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What is the HSL Community

Hic Sunt Leones is the sign that Romans used to put at the end of their conquered lands to denote unknown territories. The sign was a warning to travelers to signify that beyond that point they would have encountered a land suited only to lions, a land of difficulties and challenges. The HSL COMMUNITY is a group of committed and experienced professionals that can help you decode and understand the complex dynamics of today's markets, brands and organizations. HSL goes where others have traditionally feared to tread. And we have been doing so for longer than just about any other research firm. We have long-standing experience and relationships in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, because this is where our clients need us to be. In each case, we all work as a single, integrated team. Our goal is to accompany every client in new challenging territories and projects.

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