We aim to understand individual actions at the societal and personal level. We have been creating meaning for over 25 years. 

We help grow business


International Urban Insights

Cultural Experts Interviews

Rituals & Identity Markers

Behavioral Engagement Observations

Psychogenic Interviews

Gender & Diversity Investigations

Special projects


We help grow brands


Qualitative Insights & Etnography

Brand Equity & Positiong

Brand Books

Internal Vision & Image Alignement

DNA Operational Workshops

Special Projects

We help grow people


Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

Organization Coaching

Dancers & Creatives Coaching

Leadership Workshops

Diversity Workshops

Special Projects


A PACT between you and your objectives.

Strategic Sociology International Agency 

researching cultural/behavioral diversities and experiential evolutions

Based in Paris, International reach

P-ACTA is the Consumer Intelligence & Coaching arm of ACTA MANENT

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